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At Harmony Preschool, our menus are designed “in house” and our meals are made fresh daily in our onsite kitchen. Mrs. Fletcher, our devoted cook, ensures that our meals and snacks are in line with Canada’s Food Guide and the Child Care Early Years Act.  We provide a four-week rotation per season (Fall, Winter and Spring).  Most of all, our students say the food is yummy! 

Exposing children to healthy eating habits at an early age has proven to have many benefits such as: developing adventurous palates, exploring their senses and boosting confidence! 

In the event of a food recall, you can check here for the latest news from the Government of Canada,


Knowing she was getting home-cooked meals that were nutritional and delicious, helped my daughter overcome a significant texture issue.  She tried new foods in the family-style setting and teachers ensure they eat!  Invaluable!

Cindy, Parent


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