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Learning Foundation

E​very child should have a sense of Belonging (connection to others), Well-being (sense of self and health), Engagement (active learner) and Expression (capable communicator).  Our curriculum goals and expectations for our children work across these pillars to create a strong learning foundation that is complemented by the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) framework designed to support the early learning for all children.


“We commit to and believe “that every child is competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential.” (How Does Learning Happen?)

To provide a quality program to our children, we use a variety of resources that promote and provide a unique learning experience. 

  • Literacy:  Jolly Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears Program

  • Music & Emotional:  Praise & Worship Singing, Bible Stories & Prayer

  • Gross Motor:  Outdoor Activities

  • Fine Motor / Cognitive / Language / Sensory / Social / Problem Solving:  Child-led / teacher-guided Centre Time, Circle Time, Family Style meals

  • Life Skills:  7 Habits of Happy Kids (Sean & Stephen Covey)

We are fully integrated into the culture of Halton Hills Christian School, which provides benefits to the children such as:

  • JK/SK visiting days

  • Leadership Teams

  • Supportive transition into JK/SK learning environment

  • Participation in school assemblies and celebrations

How Does Learning Happen?

"Thank you for your patience, your gift of service and the kingdom work you are doing as you partner with us as parents to bless our little boy".

Tim & Angie, Parents


Teachers welcome each child and their family as they arrive, looking for ways to connect with other children in the program.  As you leave know that your child is cared for compassionately during what can sometimes be a difficult transition period.  We sit down at eye-level, talk to them or just give them a hug.  Opportunity is given for parents to share and discuss how their child is doing in a comfortable relaxed style.


Maintaining a healthy and safe environment while being aware that your child is your important treasure… is important to us. We create an inclusive environment that supports the individual need of each child, helping them gain independence, self-regulation and becoming lifelong learners. 

  • healthy nutritious meals prepared on site

  • focus on the 7 healthy habits to develop life skills,

  • invest in building strong relationships with the families in our program and school


For our students, we build our curriculum around the interests of the children, inherently creating opportunities for natural teachable moments.  We encourage parents to participate in our program in a way that supports their family needs. We have a variety of opportunities that engage child and family in the learning activities of our program, such as our Fall Harvest Party, Christmas Musical, Celebration of Learning Evening and our annual Teddy Bear Picnic.


Children enjoy learning in a variety of ways and we support that through our small group activities, outdoor play time, and especially during our centre time.  We know the best learning happens through play and social interactions with peers and therefore we create a variety of experiences to support the learning style of each child.  Our program explores all our senses with many hands-on opportunities such as gardening, art, cooking, science, and nature based activities.

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